Can Libertarians Intitiate Violence Against Animal Abusers?

Today, I viewed a video similiar to this one  on the facebook page of Michael Heise, a self-proclaimed libertarian and activist. The discussion centered around whether animals have rights and what those rights are. While it is certainly no problem to debate whether animals have rights or not, I believe that threatening violence against people who abuse animals, or harm them in any way is entirely unacceptable. Also, to make statements supporting those who advocate such violence, or to make hypothetical statements regarding violence that one might commit, or wishes that others would commit is also unacceptable. The link for the original thread is

Some of those who posted threats were:

Michael Heise whose threat of violence was in the text of the post itself…

” I DO advocate the use of force against people like this. When people can torture and kill with no empathy, they are a danger. If somebody did that in front of me, i would feel threatened”

Keith F Smith who made the following statements…

Keith F Smith “I think there needs to be a culling of the human herd

Keith F Smith “Yea, I would probably go against the almighty NAP and put a bullet in each and every one of their brains”

Keith F Smith “Now that I think about it… I like to kill things, just to kill things is that wrong?

Brian Fleig who made the following statements…

Brian Fleig “As a libertarian I believe it is my choice to break every bone in that guy’s face and both hands”

[Name Redacted] “NAP has to do with communal association and government. It has nothing to do with me killing a plant or an animal.”

Brian Fleig [Name Redacted], “I guarantee it would be outright murder, no attempted to it.”

[Name Redacted] “And you would be a criminal bud…. Dont cross that line….”

Brian Fleig “You torture an animal and I’m there…..”

Brian Fleig “I’m not vegan either but I would fucking snap if I witnessed an animal being tortured”

The following persons made statements supportive of violence or made statements containing hypothetical scenarios of violence against other people.

Matthew Moyer

Michelle Keifer

Chris Dorsey

Spiro D’Estini

Nesta Peace

I believe that it is imperative people who advocate violence against others based upon anything other than the defense of human life need to be exposed and shunned by the libertarian community. Threats of initiating violence cannot be ignored or considered unimportant. I believe that people who make these threats should be considered dangerous and violent, and they are certainly not someone who I would want to be my friend or fellow activist. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.