So many times we hear about the problems in the world, and think that we cannot do anything to help lessen, much less resolve, these problems of human suffering and oppression. However, we can make a change for the better, and should do so as we realize that being aware of an evil gives us a choice to resist or comply with it, even if that complicity is only silence, or that resistance seems insignificant Taking even small steps in the right direction will strengthen our courage and resolve to do right, and help our fellow man at the same time.

Sometimes, in order to preserve our ability to keep fighting, (as regards governmental laws),  we may need to make compromises, but as regards the market, we can vote with our money, and reward good businesses that help humans flourish, and punish bad businesses that trample people and give them less choices. Boycotts are a grand way to exercise and promote our liberty at the same time!