5 thoughts on “Burglars Who Took On F.B.I. Abandon Shadows

  1. They should spy on “anti-war”, civil rights and dissident groups. They were communists seeking to violently overthrow the US government. Treason ! Carl E.

    • There is no crime to being “anti-war” supportive of civil rights, or being a dissident. In fact, the fact that these violations of the Fourth Amendment existed proved the need for their exposure. There is certainly a difference between those who seek to violently overthrow the government and someone who peacefully protests or even “breaks the law” in order to expose an even greater violation of the law.

  2. I do not trust government to spy on anyone without due process, and it is clear that “due process” has been practically eliminated. In any case, government must always be held accountable by the citizens and give an account when demanded. They are the servants, not the masters!

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